For this week challenge I have made design in 3 frames. First frame is of onboarding where I have given catchy lines. I tried to make it attractive with a big burger image which will tempt the user. I have made a simple logo giving a brand name burgbake with a tag line .In the second frame I have given a search box for searching different burger menu. I have kept a bestseller burger big and after that all the burgers with their prize one below the other where user can scroll and also a heart by clicking that user can add it as his favorite burger. Navigation bar contains buttons like home, users information, loyalty points section and cart. Third frame is dedicated for loyalty points program where first I have given how to get the loyalty points that's by scanning the QR code which will be on the burger box. I have given those loyalty points in the form of crown. As user will scan he will get loyalty crowns. Below that I have given burgers and for how many loyalty points they are for. By clicking on Redeem now, user will get that burger for free. I tried keeping burger images attractive which will tempt the user to buy it.

Feedback (1)
Hi Samiksha, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Nice job finding a solution to the challenge. Looking at the experience I am a bit overwhelmed by the first screen since there is so much going on and there doesn't seem to be a clear hierarchy. Aim to make a title with subtext within onboarding screens so the user can understand what's most important. I would also say that it's best practice to only use 1-2 typefaces for a product. I see 4 or 5 different typefaces on the first screen which is mentally straining. I like your suggested items on the second screen but I would be interested to see how many Crowns I get for each of the orders. The last screen makes sense to me but I would suggest adding a label to the top section that says "Your crowns" or "Total Crowns". At first, I thought the header was something I could purchase. Visually I would try to reduce the amount of color you're using in your designs. Try to make it so that color has meaning and isn't just put into the product randomly. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!