This week challenge we took a dark theme and have tried to incorporate all the necessary elements that are essential during a car journey by giving equal value to car and infotainment functions but not making anything too distracting for the driver so he can have all the tech at his fingertips and still not be distracted and keep his eye on the road.

Feedback (1)
Hello Lakshit, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! It's great that you have tried to remove everything but the essentials from the home screen. I think you have done a great job choosing the right features but would consider how the eye flows through the design and what's the closest thing to the user. The first thing I see is the red album art that's displayed in the top left and I assume that's not what you want to be the main focus. I would suggest making that art a lot smaller and making the soundbar a lot bigger so that the thing users are going to use the most, is the easiest to access. I see that you have used a colored gradient in the background of each section to break up the page and I think the design might look cleaner if you used a lighter grey for the backgrounds of the cards to show elevation. I would also add more space between each section so they are easier to scan. A title for each card may also help set the hierarchy and allow users to digest the page more quickly. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!