For this week's challenge, I have designed a widget/ tile based car infotainment system which will show all the necessary functions at one go. The system has profiles based on who is driving the car, whilst having the freedom to customize the widgets based on their personal taste. I have used Purple to showcase the design, but the colors can be changed based on your mood. The color would be synced with the ambient lighting of the car. The widgets can be maximised, minimised or closed to make space for the other widgets which would adapt to the changes automatically. Also the voice assistant will come handy while driving the car which can be accessed from a button on the screen or a button integrated on the steering wheel.

Feedback (1)
Hi Hrithik, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! It's a great idea to have a customizable interface for each person that gets in the car. I know some cars have that for like the position of the seat, but I have never seen an interface that adjusts that way. The question I think that would follow that idea though is how you know who is driving the car. Some people may not like having a camera in the car so I would love to see you explore other options since it's an awesome idea. In general, I think your design has a pretty good hierarchy, but I would challenge you to simplify it even further so there is less content to digest at a single time. Also, depending on which side of the car the driver is on, you may want to move the navigation to that side so it's easily reached. Visually I am having a hard time viewing the content and it's partially because there is a lot of small text, but also that you have used a purple background and made the interface purple. If you gave the background a bit more contrast it would be easier to see where your screens end. I also don't know how large these screens would be within the car but I suggest removing and small or light text and making it high contrast and big. You don't want people reading much while they are driving. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!