So for this week's challenge, I went with a futuristic yet, minimal design. This is a dashboard concept for the car ZOOX. The dashboard has a clean UX with the main functionalities like power, lights, and the control of the doors on the left side..whereas the secondary features are placed on the right side. The right part is also made in a way that there is just one thing to focus on at a time. I felt, overwhelming the user with too many functions would not be the move. So for instance, when the user is using a navigation system, he can completely focus on the map and directions without any other features taking the visual space. Also, this was my 1st try at blender. I thought I could render my own map so went with it :)

Feedback (3)
Hey Kailash, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I really like the futuristic feel that you have achieved with the design. You have managed to create a design that's simple and easy to digest but still has an easy way to get to all the required features. Given the design, I am assuming there is a second display that would show the speed and other important car details. To me, there is a bit of a disconnect from the left and right top parts of the screen. The left has a strong highlight with strong color and the map uses more neutral low contrast colors. I would like to see the entire design feel a bit more consistent. I LOVE that you tried a new tool and added that to your solution, that's what these challenges are all about so kudos to you for doing that. I may change the color of the car on the map so it stands out a bit more, but that's just my opinion. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Thank you so much!
Kudos for making a map on your own. Awesome work Kailash.