moh arsh
Using MohCar you can easily access all the features of your car. Listening to your favourite music.. 3d navigation system.. and by connecting your mobile to the bluetooth you can even attend your calls through this.

Feedback (2)
Thank you crowwwn.. for your valuable feedback..
Hey Mohamed, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Overall I think you have done an incredible job creating a design that both solves the problem and looks great. A few things I might suggest to improve the design is thinking about what the user is going to be doing the majority of the time and make that the focus of your display. In my case, I would need to see that left panel but I would want a much larger map since I use it quite often and want as much detail as possible. I think that things like music can be displayed more minimally but navigated into to get a full experience. While I won't say that I am the average user, asking more people about the hierarchy they would want with the different sections might give you a consistent pattern to build off of. Visually I really like the way you have used bright blue to highlight certain things. I do fear that the light blue text on the blue background might not be high enough contrast for all users. I am also a little bit confused about what the icons in the middle of the screen with the car and arrows do. It might be obvious to you, but as someone who isn't close to the design, I would have to click it to figure it out. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!