For this week's challenge, I have created Rimac Nevera car infotainment. So while sensi is driving, you can track progress in real-time while driving and can have access to other features like overview, navigation, phone calls, battery stats and more.

Feedback (2)
Thank you so much @Crowwwn for Your feedback
Hey Pranav, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Your solution to this week's challenge is very simple and easy to understand. I may suggest rethinking the hierarchy of the display a little to help fit the driver's needs. An example of what I mean is that as a driver the number one thing you're always looking at is your speed so that you are going within the speed limit. Because of this, I would expect the speedometer to be the bigger and most noticeable thing on the screen. While it's one of the largest, I am first drawn to the car image and the battery illustration. An image of the car is only useful if it serves a purpose so in this case, I would show some type of interaction that is happening with the car image to show what it does, and if it doesn't have a function I would remove it to make space for more useful features. I love that you haven't overwhelmed the user with a lot of content or color and that I can easily understand how to navigate to new content and apps from the menu bar. Visually I would try to be more consistent with your component and illustration style. You are mixing images, lined icons, and filled icons so the design seems a bit inconsistent. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!