I solved this week challenge by Crowwwn, i.e. a Car Display challenge. I have created a dashboard design for the car display app, I am submitting my designs for the very first, hope it will be liked.

Feedback (1)
Hi Manas, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! We are excited that you have submitted work for the first time. I like a lot of what you have done to solve this problem. All of the items on the screen are large and easy to digest and use while driving and I like that you haven't included so many features that it's overwhelming for the user. I may consider giving a bit more space between sections because things like the map start to blend into the music section and it looks like those are controls for the map. It's also a bit add that your map is going off the screen, but the rest of the items within the right side of the interface have the same margin. Visually a big thing is that I am being pulled in a lot of directions and I am not sure where I should start with the design. Since the app icons have such bright icons they are pulling a lot of my focus. I would consider making them a bit smaller and adding labels and a title to give the user a bit more direction on what they should be looking at. Lastly, it's a good rule to stay away from Lorem ipsum when you're producing high-fidelity prototypes. The reason being that it's hard to understand how the text needs to fit if you can't actually read it. In this case, I would expect the notes to be stacked vertically rather than in columns since it would be easier to read, but without adding the text you may never know that. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!