Since I am a huge fan of Tesla, I thought to take it as my inspiration and make something similar to that!!..... I divided the dashboard into three areas or zones(namely the high, medium, and low priority zones) starting from left to right..... As the prominent user will be the driver. I concluded that the essential features and the most required function­alities should be in the high priority zone..... Following the navigation functionalities in the medium priority..... And finally, there is the low priority zone where the user can find his/her apps and the music tile. Hope you like my design!

Feedback (1)
Hi Tarun, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I think it's exciting that you took on Tesla as your inspiration. It's always difficult to compare to a company like that though since their team is both experienced and talented. I like the way you broke down the interface mentally into three different sections of priority. You have also shown that well using the size of the different sections. It's hard to know how large this screen is but when I compare things like the toggles to turn on the dark/light mode to the rest of the features those look really small and hard to use while driving. Visually I would work on trying to use a consistent color scheme throughout the entire design so that you can have better control of the hierarchy. An example of this is that if you have the light blue as your primary button within the map, consider making the sound volume color that same light blue. This makes the design seem more consistent and makes the mental load easier to process. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!