Here's my entry for this week's challenge. I've made a vertical dashboard touchscreen that all the essential infotainment and entertainment features. At the very top of the layout, we have the GPS and navigation system, which can be controlled with voice as well as manual searching. It comes equipped with a weather indicator. Below the GPS navigation map, we have 4 different sections, 2 for important phone notifications like calls and messages. The other 2 sections house the Air/AC settings and the battery percentage. Below that, we have the section to control the music and another section that houses all the other apps available.

Feedback (1)
Hi Jay, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like the way you have solved this challenge because it gives me the sense that I may be able to customize the widgets that are displayed so the interface is custom to my liking. If that wasn't your plan it's something you could consider building out. With the given information I think you have done a great job of surfacing the important information and sizing each widget appropriately. The Whatapp section may be a bit small since the text becomes hard to read, but if it's just there to indicate that there are new messages it may be fine. Visually I am having a hard time finding the hierarchy. While the map stands out the most because it's larger I wish you had better labeling for each card so I could quickly read that and understand what was in the section without having to digest them one by one. I would also consider adjusting the gradient used within the temperature illustration. I would make it something like dark blue to light blue, then right in the middle switch to a light red to dark red gradient. This better illustrates the temperature in my opinion than something that is a mix of two colors. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!