I solved this week challange by creating a car app help drivers will driving without losing focus. it helps with the interior of the car including the window, locking of car door, sit adjustment, music playlist for the driver, in the car window i used a draggable scroll with a huge thumb adjustment bar in order to make it easy for the user and a lock all button for use in terms of security or Wanting all action. The engine aspect can start the engine automatically when you are in the car and measures your speed in order for you to be alerted when you are overspeeding. Thank You.

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Thank you so much for this feedback
Hello Adufe, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have solved a way to use the features within the car but I would have loved to see a bit more exploration including 3rd party apps. I would also consider the use case for the product since it seems like some of the features shown may not be required. If I am using an app for this I would assume it's because I don't have a display within my car and in that case, I would expect things like speed to be shown within my car already. If this was built for an in-car display it would make sense to include the speed since it might be the only way to access it. Visually I find that there is a bit of inconsistency in the style. While I like that you used bright colors you have used too many colors so it ends up being busy rather than informative. Try to stick to a few colors and reduce the number of shades so each color means something specific (links, buttons, etc.). I would also consider giving the "Features" section wide cards that are stacked rather than side by side so that you can make the text and information larger. While driving you want to go for simplicity and make everything large so it can be quickly understood. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!