Kishor H K
Different colors on the icon - I don't want people to get confused/stuck while driving... Only audio related apps - People won't have access to video related apps while driving... I made all the car functional icons on left side so, that the driver can operate those functions any time without strain... The icon arrangement is arranged according to the importance of the driver...

Feedback (1)
Hi Kishor, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have considered that the driver will only have a small amount of time to look at this interface and have designed around that. I think the car features themselves have gotten a bit small and hard to use and I see that I can slide the menu left and right but I might prefer to have a full-screen view of just car features when I am not using the other apps. I like that you have made the map the main focus of the interface I do wish you made it brighter though since it's very difficult to read. Even within a dark mode, you should still have a high enough contrast that users can see and understand the features of the map. Visually I like the colors used for the different apps since this speeds up finding the right item to click, I also like that you're consistent with the style throughout the design. I would consider making a few things larger on the screen such as the time and the heart icon by the song. Right now those two almost disappear and are hard to use. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!