This is My Solution for this Week's Challenge. This is Co-Driver your Driving Assistant. It shows you the stats of your car like Speed, distance traveled, fuel, etc. It also saves important documents like your Driving Licence, RC, and other paperwork. It also notifies you about all the dues of your paperwork for example it will notify you if your RC is about to get expired. You can also Access all the other apps on your phone with voice commands. It also reads out your messages, emails, and even articles for you. It can reply to your messages too with just your voice command. For this Weeks's Challenge, I researched the things that are important and useful to a user while Driving. I made a list of applications/features which a person would like to use while driving. I made another list of the things a user would want to see about the car on their mobile. It was my first time working on Figma. This is my third submission to Crowwwn as well as my third design in my career I hope you liked my Design. Feel free to write your reviews about it.

Feedback (2)
Thank You Crown for your valuable feedback
Hi Komalpreet, thank you for participating in another one of our challenges. I love that you have performed research to come up with a list of features that are useful for users. Things like voice commands and reading out messages are extremely useful for people when they are trying to stay focused while driving. I would consider the way you layout your screens. There is not always a clear breakup of information since the different features are all so similar in the way they look. I would suggest putting the text feed into speech bubbles so it's easier to break up the full page of text to understand what's the most important. I would have liked to see more detail on your home screen. Letting users know they are under the speed limit is fine, but most drivers want to know the exact speed they are going. And the documents could all live in a single place that can be accessed through a navigation. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!