By designing a UI that has all the important as well as entertainment elements elements in an organize form also the UI is very simple and minimal and delivers a smooth UX flow. hope you would like the design . Also to take a closure view of design elements one can follow up the attached links Figma link To view the prototype Maze link For a better idea of the design attaching the explanation pitch too Pitch link Thankyou

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Hi Saurabh, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! First, let's look at your solution to this week's challenge. You have done a great job thinking through use cases for the app that I hadn't thought of such as a way to store your car registration and driver's license. I do think that you have tried to include too many things though, which is taking away from the experience. If I was you I would work on 1-3 screens that explain the majority of what your app does so you can focus more on the small details and usability of the features and components within your product. Visually I would consider laying out your screens with a grid so everything aligns. On the screen that shows the speedometer the layout and sizing of components are inconsistent are there is very little hierarchy. I am not sure what each of the areas does and which ones are the most important. Lastly, I am a big fan of white space within designs but you want to make it so the users can digest the page but don't feel like there is so much space that the product is missing things. Some of your screens have a bit too much content and some have very little. Work on finding that balance to help the flow. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!