I've designed a simple and interactive UI, containing all the necessary options a driver will need while driving. I've designed it in the trending Glassmorphism pattern. Also the I've tried to make the layout in accordance to the weather of the current location. I've used Figma as my designing tool.

Feedback (1)
Hello Rishav, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I really like that you have used a background that would be dynamic with the weather. This shows that you have put thought into the design and added delight for users to experience. Your solution to the problem is great, I can quickly view all the important information at a glance as well as navigate into specific apps. I would suggest making the map larger and placing a car icon in it even if there isn't something mapped out. Your map can then be used to figure out where your user is at if they are familiar with their surroundings. I would suggest getting rid of the 3 icons by the soundbar because they seem like something I wouldn't use regularly and could navigate into the full view of the music player to access. This would give you more room for controlling the sound which is something that will be used almost every ride by some users. Visually I feel like your icons have a bit of a disconnect. While they are all 3D they don't feel like they are the same style or made for the same product. While I like the glass look, I would consider whether or not the texture of the watermarks are adding noise and distracting from the hierarchy of the page. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!