I felt my design should be vibrant and feel futuristic too, so I made it keeping that in mind. Most of the buttons and text are large with spaces, so it will not require much focus to use the app. At the center, we have a home tab, and the left one is like a control panel of car, which will have basic control and to the right, we have a phone tab, through which we can see notifications and also access some quick apps. Hope you like it:)

Feedback (2)
Thankyou so much for your feedback crowwwn😍 Actually i thought this challenge is meant as mobile app( I did nearly similar one to a client too), as said designing for tablet screen would be much easier too, my bad😅 Anyway I will surely participate in future competitions and do something better! Thanks for making this wonderful platform!
Hi Harshath, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! First, I think you have completely succeeded in getting the vibrant and futuristic feel you were going for. I do have a concern with the solution though since I would expect a modern car to have a display within it to keep me from having to use my phone. By making this an app I feel like you have made it feel less luxurious. I also think that it's great to be able to quickly access all your important apps in a single place. I do worry that if I was navigated out this app to other apps it would distract me while driving, especially since the other apps wouldn't be designed to be used while driving. Looking at the visual design, I think you have created something that draws me in, that I can easily navigate through since there is a great hierarchy to each screen. I like the colors you have used but feel a small disconnect with the door locking component and the rest of the buttons. The gradient is flipped horizontally so it looks like almost a completely different color than the rest of the gradient. Overall this is a really successful design and you should be happy with the accomplishment. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!