Hello everyone! First time submitting my work here... I tried solving some problems I have with my car with this design. 1. Light/dark mode with pressing light switch icon for your safety. 2. Separate controlled air conditioning for driver and front passenger for maximum comfort. 3. At a glance check which song is playing right now. My inspiration came from not seeing these features in cars :D

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Thanks for the feedback!
Hey Luka, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like your solution to this week's challenge because you have done a great job simplifying the interface so that each area can be big and easy to use. Don't fully know by looking at the top image what the car illustration will tell me. It could show me that doors are open, or that there are passing cars. If you don't give a title to the sections people are left guessing so adding those would be my first suggestion. I would also refrain from putting icons and text as overlays on the map. The map is super busy so it makes even thick text difficult to read. I would suggest adding a background and possibly making it transparent so users can still see through it but you know that they will always have a good experience. Visually I don't love the icon choice of the left navigation, with such a clean weather icon it makes the rest look clunky. I would consider swapping them all out for more 3D icons like the weather icon so it's more modern and clean. I do like that you have made a dark and light mode so we can see the change of the interfacing when driving during different times of the day. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Looks great and practical!