For this week's challenge, I have designed onboarding screens for a social media app where one can record videos in no time and can edit as needed. this provides clear onboarding screens which at first tells the user about the app's main functions. There are also step-by-step pop-ups that tell the user about the video features. Some of them include 1. How to create a new video. 2. How to edit that video 3. and quickly post it without editing through any other app.

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Hi Nancy, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have kept things simple and have not gone overboard with the features. When I go from screen to screen I can understand what to do on each page but I am not sure I fully understand the use case in the last screen. There is a plus button that I assume allows people to export or post multiple things at once. If that's what that does I would consider showing a row of recent videos the user had edited so it's easier to add multiple. Visually I would focus on consistency and the little details. Right now if you look at the expanded "+" menu you can see that the icons are not centered in the black rectangle. You have also used a wide range of corner radiuses which makes components seem inconsistent when I navigate from screen to screen. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
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