Nancy Nath
Hi! Thank you for taking a look at my design! I would like to explain a little about my design here. The application is called Video Editor and deals with various needs of people who are socially active or social media influencers. The application allows you to edit your pictures and videos before you upload them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or just save them for later in your gallery. It also allows you to record a video or click a picture using the app itself. You can see various screens on here like the HOME page which provides you with options like Crop, Trim, Merge, Split, Speed, Mute and Effects. Other screens include the actual editing screens with effects and options to share them on various platforms! Any feedback is immensely appreciated! I hope you like the design!

Feedback (1)
Hi Nancy, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! First, I like that you have included screens to show different ways of editing the video. I would consider removing 2 or 3 of the screens though just so you can fit them within a screen that will display well when uploading it. Right now the screens have gotten a bit small so it's hard to see the detail and understand exactly what you're trying to show. When I look at the screens provided I am not sure how I would navigate from one screen to the next. There isn't a clear hierarchy that explains what screen I am on and how I go back or forward. Visually I like that you have included two different themes since it shows a range that can be taken with the app. I would consider removing the gradient from the background and using that type of gradient to highlight certain things like borders. I would also try to make the colors within the cards have a bit more contrast with the background. With the two pinks being so close in color, it's hard to tell where the background ends and the card starts. Lastly, I would suggest adding a bit more space at the top of your cards. The text has gotten small and is right on the edge of the border. Giving it a bit more space would make it easier to see and use. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!