This week's challenge was pretty much relatable to the situations that I face while Editing a Video. I've deigned the UI for the app that will help a user to quickly edit and share as well as use filters and effects while filming the video. Tool Used : Figma

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Thanks for the feedback @Crowwwn
Hi Rishav, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! You have done a great job thinking of all the features I would want to make quick edits to a video I had filmed on my phone. On the far right screen having the camera icon on both the top and bottom of the screen confuses me a little bit since I feel like one is for the navigation and I want to click the other to take a picture. I would consider changing the one in the head to a Title that explains the page. I am also not sure what the difference is between the camera icon and the video icon on the top left of the first screen. While I would think one is for pictures and the other is for video the camera icon on the last screen makes me think that's where you record videos. Visually some of the labels under the icons seem a bit small, I would check the standard size and contrast ratio to make sure the design is accessible for all users. I might also give a bit more space within the navigation bar. Right now it feels like the icons are a bit smashed and could use some space on top and bottom. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating.
This is the type of design that I looked upon all my life. This is absolutely picture perfect. This one made my day 💞
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Such I nice UI you should be Microsoft R&D
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UI looks great!