Shruti D. L
So my vision here was to make the entire thing super simple for a person who is anxious and in a dilemma of which offer would bring more growth to him, That person is a priority and we do not want to confuse him further 🥸.

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@crowwwn Thank you soo much for that feedback! It was really insightful and I'll make sure I incorporate that in my design for the next assignment! It's a great platform and I can say this on behalf of every participant I think that this is very motivating and educational to us beginners! so I'm really grateful for that!
Hi Shruti, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have tried to understand what the user is feeling to help inform your design. Feeling rushed by recruiters and not knowing what to pick is a real feeling job seekers face. I like the layout of your screen, it's easy to understand and I can quickly scan through each page and understand what each section does. I would suggest making the label for the sections a bit dark since they are so small and on a colorful background. In the last screen, I feel like the left column is taking up a bit too much space. I feel like the Hulu and Andriod columns should be the primary focus and that the content on the left could be used like labels rather than its own column. That is just my personal opinion though, I would suggest exploring it to see which is easier for users to use. Lastly, I would add a bit more contrast between your screens and the background you present them on. Even adding a shadow to the screens would help separate them more a bit from the background so the focus is on the screens and not the colors. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Simple and light.
Great !! very good concept, very simple & effective
Great design. Minimalistic and professional look
Appreciate the talent.
Looks user friendly.
I like the Simplicity In your design.
neat nicely done. presentable. cool impact. good use of icons etc.
A simple clean and effective UI!!
Nice concept. It's is very useful . Great design ,keep going and all the best.
Looks Pretty Good. GUI is user friendly and simplistic.
I like its concept of transparency makes it look dope
Nice colour tone...really light...feels soothing to the eyes