This is a job comparison app where user can compare benefits offered by different companies. I got to know from a research (available on internet), user trusts listing posted by company more than they trust those posted by recruiter. I kept is simple so that user do not get confused.

Feedback (1)
Hi Pranjal, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like your straightforward solution to this week's challenge. I would consider that while users find jobs posted by companies more reliable it's often extremely helpful for people that are looking for jobs to be able to see the recruiter that posted the job. This is some information that I would love to see on more job sites. I like the comparison page but I would suggest styling the far left column more like a label than another row of information. By doing this you could make the actual benefits and pay information larger and not force the content up to the edge of the screen. Visually, I like that you have made clear labels for each section on each screen and that there is enough white space to make the screen feel less overwhelming. I might give the search result cards a bit more white space within the card so the content isn't as close to the edge. Lastly, I would consider if the text in the navigation makes more sense for the icon that is selected or the ones that aren't. Your screen should tell the user where they are but the icons could mean anything so giving the text to the unselected icons helps the user understand the navigation without having to click on each one. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!