For this week's challenge, I came up with a minimal UI with 3D elements which I believe provides a pleasing experience to the user.. By using this app, you can find jobs in your field that match your skill level, experience, pay, place of work, and much more. The app also has a great comparing and analysis tool which allows you to compare between 2 or more jobs and choose the best one for yourself. The app also has a forum where you can connect with employees of different companies and get to know their perspective of the job in their companies so you can have a more clear idea on choosing the best company.

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Sure crowwwn! thank you for your feedback
Hi Kailash, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I love that you have included a list of questions for the user to go through before they land in the app since this helps tailor the content. I like the comparison page but I would give each card a bit more width so you can fit more content on each one. Visually you have done an incredible job making a simple and clean interface that has a clear hierarchy and is easy to digest. I will say that the chart colors on the "graphical" page seem a bit off. I think the way you have introduced gradients and the drop shadow in this section only makes it seem like a mistake. Lastly, I would consider submitting fewer screens since it's hard for people to see the detail you have put into each one of the screens since they get so small. Focus on the screens that are the most important for solving the challenge and let us all enjoy the detailed work. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Thanks bro!
Good job mate. Nicely done.