I solved this week's challenge by creating a job finder app wherein there are clear descriptions of the job role as well as the qualifications and experience needed with respect to different companies wherein the jobs can be compared as well and the best choice could be made with respect to job.

Feedback (2)
Hello Meenal, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Your visual design work on these screens is great, I especially like the amount of white space you have allowed to break up sections. I would consider making the unselected tabs a bit darker since they are a bit light. Right now they look like they are disabled and wouldn't do anything if I clicked on them. While I like that you focused on just a few screens I would like to see how a user can compare multiple companies at a single time. Right now the design forces users to go into each job to see more information, which causes them to navigate back and forth a lot and isn't a great experience. In future challenges, I would focus a bit more on solving the given problem since your visual design is so good. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Looks good!