Soumi Dutt
I designed a mobile website for a job finding app. One of the main features included due to popular demand and user research was comparing employee benefits provided by each job, offered by the company. Since the website is primarily a job finding company, the primary focus should be on searching jobs that fit the description. As a result, on the home screen I made the CTA for Searching Jobs stand out. The secondary function of the business is to send newsletters through emails and so I used the secondary colour to make it stand out but a bit less than the CTA. I have provided an option to see employee benefits which even includes an option called compare which takes the user to the fourth page(from left to right) and introduces the user to a card-based layout which makes it easier to compare between the job benefits offered by different companies for a specific role. The user can further click on a card which will take them to all the information about the job. The second screen appears when the user clicks Find A Job and it takes them to a screen showing information with card-based layouts. Due to the filter for employee benefits being on, another set o cards with the keyword highlighted appears. The overall theme is that of a clean and minimalistic UI with less number of clicks for better usability

Feedback (3)
Thank You so much for the feedback!
Hi Soumi, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I agree with your decision to make the search bar the main element since it's likely the place most users will start. I would suggest that an email sign-up form might not be needed here since you can ask users to log in before using the app and collect their emails there. On the comparison screen instead of trying to add a large list of companies to compare, I would suggest limiting users to comparing companies 1-3 at a time. This way you can include a clear breakdown of the benefits rather than forcing users to navigate into the card to fully understand what the company offers. Visually I like the simple colors used. The biggest challenge I am having is digesting the copy on the cards. I think your design got a bit small so all the smaller text is hard to read. Making that bigger and giving more space around the labels and text will increase legibility. I also think it would be good to add a title to the top of each page so users can use it to understand where they are. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!