The app's design is kept simple and smooth, Minimal and clutter-free. All important information Is presented to the user in respective cards. and to tackle the comparison problem statement we have provided a benefits card on each Job description page as well as an option to compare companies based on the benefits provided is built-in. These are just a few screens to validate the problem statement and provide my design take on the same. Hope it's a worthy contender to this challenge! Await the judges valued comments and feedback

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Love this!! Great job!
Hi Lakshit, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I think you have done a great job surfacing important information and giving users a visual way to quickly compare between companies. I would suggest considering what users can learn from things like the last screen. On the field that says "Work Environment" Tesla isn't checked and I am not sure what that means. I would expect to see a rating of some kind to help me understand and compare the environment of each company. Visually I would keep things consistent from screen to screen so users don't have to relearn the layout. On the second screen, the recommended jobs are full width, but when you jump to the third screen you have made a two-column layout which is forcing the content to get a bit small and crowded. I would also focus on making consistent margins and padding throughout the design. The search bar is smaller in width than the cards below which is resulting in a ragged edge that causes more strain on users. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Thank you for your feedback!
Oh Wow!, this deign looks amazing, are you interested in designing my App ? @lakshit
Looks simple and easy to use. All the important metrics are easily comparable this learning curve required
I think this design is apt as compared to others, this time you might touch the line first.