Job Buddy is an online buddy that helps you make better decisions while jumping between your jobs. Making a decision is a multi-layered process that requires us to take into account various factors. Though the thinking process is complex, we always expect the answers in either a yes or a no. During the research, I came across an article that linked the choices an individual makes with the generation to which he belongs. For example, baby boomers prefer the steady income source over the other job benefits like the gym membership, while it's exactly the opposite for the Millenials. I took into account the generation to which the user belongs and presented a preset preference weightage chart to him according to his choice. User can then modify the weightage of various factors according to their preference, and we are good to go. The user can then search the companies according to their locations, vacancies available and add them to the compare list. Finally, a comparison chart is generated, which considers all the factors and plots the radar chart according to the various parameters and gives you a per cent result that closely matches your expectations. The system can help the user make better decisions while changing jobs.

Feedback (2)
Thank You so much for the constructive criticism. I just wanted to know the generation of people to give them a preset weightage of various parameters on the screen, user has the freedom to choose the weightage in the second screen. But, yes! Thank you again for the feedback, will try to improve...
Hey Tejas, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! First, it's great that you have used research to back up the decisions you have made for this design. I would suggest that instead of asking people to sort themselves by their generation you could use the data from asking them what's important to make categories that aren't based on age. Some users may feel that they don't want to belong to a certain generation even if they do. I like that all the valuable information you have provided for the given screens but I would push you to try to open it up more. What I mean by that is to give more space between the different elements and sections. Right now all the information is crammed into a small area which forces text to get small and makes the page extremely difficult to digest. Use section labels and white space to layout the page in a way that's easier to read even if it means that some of the information gets pushed below the fold. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!