Hi Everyone! My Name is Komalpreet Kaur and I am new to UX. This is My second submission at Crowwwn. For this Submission, I Did a Lil bit of user research and started with Penning down things I thought should be included in the design. Then I made rough sketches followed by Wireframing it on Whimsical. I hope you like it. Please Feel free to leave your valuable Reviews.

Feedback (2)
Thank You so much for your valuable feedback I will keep that in my mind..
Hi Komalpreet, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I am happy to hear that as a new designer you're pushing yourself to do research, sketches, and wireframing. Each of these stages helps inform your design. I would suggest also looking at work from other designers and using that to help inspire how you build components. While it's great to be creative it's difficult to know all the standard patterns without consistent practice and using other's work to mentor yourself. Looking at your solution I am not sure how I would get all my job offers into a single app since lots of companies use different products to do all their recruiting. I like your final screen that compares the two things side by side. This is a simple way to visually compare and understand what should be looked into for more details. Visually I would make sure that you're adding more space between the text and checkboxes and the edge of the screen. By adding more space you make the design feel lighter and easier to use. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!