1)showing most saved companies on the top 2)I put link on last page where you can compare benefits with your already saved companies. 3)Also using filter you will find job which more suit your requirement

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Hello Patel, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Looking at your solution I like that you have shown a way for people to tailor their results by filtering but I don't see anywhere that I could compare the benefits of two different companies side by side. I see a way to navigate into a single companies details but I would have loved to be able to compare the benefits in a way that didn't force me to go in and out. I would also suggest having a text field instead of the sliding bar for the salary expectations. While that type of component is useful when there are a limited number of options, salaries can vary a lot so it would be easier for people to type in an exact number. Visually I like that you have been consistent from screen to screen. I can tell this is a single app rather than multiple screens. I would suggest that you remove the dark orange backgrounds from the company logos. If you want to do a single color for all logos I would choose something subtle. The bright orange is so bright that it is more noticeable than the blue primary color you are using. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!