Findright is a Job finder app which help users to search for their dream offers user to apply and at the same time compare what other companies have to offer for the similar role and other things.

Feedback (1)
Hi Tasmin, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! There are a few suggestions I have for your solution to the problem. I would consider moving the compare button out of the individual job requirement and add it to the list of jobs instead so it's easier to select multiple companies without having to navigate in and out. For the visualizations, I would consider allowing users to see both a chart as well as the actual numbers of the salary for each company. While the charts give a high-level overview sometimes it's important to see the exact numbers companies offer. I would also like a way to see other benefits such as health insurance, dental, 401k, etc. Visually I would suggest moving away from the grey background and use white instead. If you decide to keep the background grey I would consider putting the text on white cards so it's easier to read all of the content. I would go through the first screen and see what you can remove to reduce clutter. You may just need to space things out more, improve the alignment, and set a more clear hierarchy and that screen will be extremely useful. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!