moh arsh
Jobber is an app that helps you to find the job that suits you the most. You can apply for all the jobs that you are eligible for. You can also compare the jobs and see which one is better. If you're not satisfied with the comparison, you can go for a detailed comparison where you can choose any 2 jobs of the same field to compare.

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Thank you crowwwn.. for your valuable feedback..
Hey Mohamed, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Your solution to this problem is great, I especially like that you have included a place to see the jobs that the person has applied to. I also really love the far right screen, being able to see the two companies compared in a super visual way is great. I would suggest making the text a bit bigger on the second screen since the responsibilities and required skills look like they are getting a bit small and light. Visually I really like the glass styling of the navbar and the high contrast colors. I might remove some of the green though like behind the company logos since it's something that already stands out with the logo color. A white or grey background might be better. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!