For this week's challenge i have created a hiring app "Jobs HUNT" using adobe xd and photoshop. After selecting a category they are searching the job in , the person needs to login and can hunt down the jobs and can also compare the perks and pay of the jobs to choose a better employer

Feedback (1)
Hi Sujay, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that on the comparison page you have visualized the benefits of working at each company. Reading through that is a lot easier than reading through technical jargon. Looking at your solution to the problem the first thing I would consider improving is the category screen. Since there are so many different types of jobs I would suggest making a search bar or drop down the main focus on that page so people can quickly find jobs in their industry. For the list of jobs, I would suggest adding a lot more space so the page is easier to digest. While you have created a good hierarchy within each card I would suggest adding more padding and breaking up the different areas of the job result so they don't blend together. Visually I would consider making the forms and anything that is elevated above the background a lighter grey so users understand it's different than the background. With the way it is now, it's hard to know what's clickable and what isn't. I would try swapping out the light pink you have used as a highlight with something like a light blue and white. That way you can highlight specific things with the blue and use the white to have a strong contrast. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!