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Feedback (2)
Thank You so much for your valuable feedback I will keep that in my mind. This was my first ever design. I feel motivated by your feedback.
Hi Komalpreet, thank you for participating in this challenge! Sorry for the delay in getting your feedback. I would suggest picking fewer screens for your submissions so that you can focus on them and give them enough thought to make a consistent experience. With your solution, I like that the onboarding experience is interactive and helps the user invest in the app while also tailoring the app to what they are interested in. Visually I would consider making the padding you use between elements and the edge of the screen consistent. I would Also suggest using overlays over any image you put in the background to make it darker and make it more subtle. With the images you have, I get distracted and can't focus on the actual content within the app. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!