Manu M
A fitness app depicting a user onboarding which implements different psychological practices to implement an effective onboarding. 1. After the basic sign up the user is asked to enter number of days they workout currently according to the answer user can be taken through 3 different paths 2. Here they choose 0-2 days which leads them to a basic plan where they have an interactive gamification component which they have to repeatedly press to fill the bar to continue. 3. We now apply the endowed progress effect by giving them a reward which leads which keeps them using the app for more. 4. Next social pressure is used ( if we use Google/Facebook sign in ) we can show their friends, if not popular instructors/influencers to gain rewards upon invite.

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Your Instagram link is not working. I wanted to stock you
Hi Manu, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! Your solution to this week's challenge is well thought out and is something I would happily use. I especially like that you have made an interactive onboarding experience. This helps improve retention since users feel like the app is custom-made for them. I also like that you have included gamification, rewards, and social proof/pressure to keep the app sticky but also make it more fun. Visually you have done a great job using the neon green to draw the user's eye to the selected items and action buttons. As Kailash said, some users might prefer to skip this onboarding experience and come back to it later after doing their first workout. Adding a screen that allows them to skip might improve the experience for some users. I know there isn't much feedback here, but it's a great design and I hope the suggestions I have given at a little helpful. Thanks again for participating!
Thanks Kailash, Noted :)
Amazing work! Well thought-out screens. One thing I might consider is that sometimes it feels like a lot of questions are posted, and as a user I would like to have a skip button to get into the app quickly. This might be useful for the users who know how to use the app and for users who are reinstalling the app.
wow! Amazing work! Well thought-out screens