For this week's challenge, I have designed onboarding screens for a Tasks App. provides clear onboarding screens which at first tells the user about the app's main functions. There are also step-by-step pop-ups that tell the user about the features that are available. Some of them include : 1. How to create a new task. 2. How to use the "My Tasks" section 3. What is "Project Time Tracker" and how it is used.

Feedback (3)
Hi Kailash, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! It's great that after the first 3 static screens you continue the experience in-app to help teach the users. I might consider bringing the skip button in closer context to the actual onboarding tooltips. Right now it gets a bit lost since the focus goes directly to the tooltips. Visually you have done a great job typing together the illustrations and the colors used. I would work on the consistency of the corner radiuses especially in the selected area outline and the tooltip background. When the radius and padding aren't consistent it adds unneeded visual noise. Other than that it's a very impressive design and a great solution. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Thank you :)
Nice work:)