moh arsh
Mohcibo is a food delivery app that makes ordering the food you crave much easier. You can find your favourite restaurants and order your favourite food from them. Our delivery executives will deliver your food to you as soon as possible.

Feedback (2)
Hi Mohamed, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! The experience you have created is consistent and what I expect when I download an app. I might suggest keeping the layout of the screens consistent. When you jump from having the text at the bottom to having it at the top it's a bit jarring. I might also consider making the next button larger since it's a bit hard to see and hit. Visually I agree with Manu that the icons could be a bit smaller on the first screen. The text could also be reduced slightly to give more padding around the button. I would also make sure that the text is centered within all of the buttons, a few seem a bit high. Lastly, I like the orange but I would double-check to make sure all of the text is accessible, orange can be a tricky one to get right so all users can see it properly. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
The colors are great. I find the icons and text to be quite big in the first screen, you can make the welcome text bigger, In last screen the button is on top that's hard for users to tap right!! it against the thumb rule