moh arsh
WedEasy is a wedding planning app that lets you manage and organize all the details of your wedding. You can book venues, photographers, and buy or rent everything you need for your wedding. It also has a checklist option that can help you complete your tasks in an easy way.

Feedback (3)
Hey Mohamed, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have included the checklist of items needed for a wedding but I wonder if you could tie it into the other screens in some way so people understand what they need to buy next without navigating to that checklist. I would also suggest making the search bar more prominent since it gets a bit lost at the top and I would expect it to be the main way to navigate depending on the number of products your app offers. Visually you have done a lot of stuff right, I like the amount of white space you have included on the Tuxedo page, but you may have added a bit too much on the two left screens. I would also consider changing the way you have displayed text over the images. Right now that text is really hard to read and probably won't pass as accessible. I think you could find a better color that fits with your theme other than that shade of red/pink, but that's just a personal opinion. I hope these suggestions help. Thanks again for participating!