Nancy Nath
Hi! My name is Nancy and I'm here to bring you my design for the app WEDDING PLANNER. Wedding planner allows you to find everything you need in a wedding from Venue to Music to Catering, all in one place! You can buy or rent your requirements based on your BUDGET (which you can actively track!) and alter them whenever required. You may find all or select needs based upon your wedding and budget. You can sort them using filters such as RATINGS, LOCATION and PRICE. You can enter the app as a service provider or as a customer and fill out details respectively to help us find the perfect fit for your requirements. It contains services as detailed as Venue, Catering, Decoration, Music, Jewellery, Clothing and Salons. These are some of the screens from my application. You can contact me for the entire app design with deeper details. Thank you for taking a look at my design here! Please feel free to drop any suggestions and feedbacks, I appreciate it very much!

Feedback (1)
Hi Nancy, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! The first thing I would suggest is presenting your design as one set of screens and not copying them. This adds some confusion because initially, I thought there were 11 unique screens but some have been duplicated. This also allows you to make screens larger so people don't have to zoom in to view details. As your solution to this problem, I like that you have included a way for users to track their budgets. This is often missed and it's an important part of the planning. I like that you have asked people for more details so you can tailor the interface to their preferences. Visually I would work on researching the way some of your favorite designers build specific components to start to understand modern standards for visual design. I would also suggest that the images behind the content could be removed since they distract from the content on top of it and don't add any value. I like how simple you have kept the colors, I would just try to take a few steps to move the visuals forward and you'll have a great design. I hope these suggestions help. Thanks again for participating!