Feel like you are being overwhelmed with things to buy and plan prior to a wedding? Feel like you want to have all your wedding needs in one place? WeddingCart is here to help you out! Wedding Cart is an app that finds out all your required wedding needs and also filters the available services based on your location. It suggests the best and most easily accessible services with just a click based on your location and budget! From wedding halls to food catering services, from wedding cakes to hotel booking for out-of-town guests, everything can be found in a single app!

Feedback (3)
Thank you for the feedback guys!
Hey Kailash, thank you for participating in another challenge! I think your solution to this problem is great, I especially like that wedding planner progress bar at the top of the third screen. Having a checklist to go through would help people feel organized while also influencing them to buy/rent more stuff from your app. Something I might consider to keep building off this project is how to keep retention of users that are finished with their wedding. With so many features included in the app, I am sure there are a bunch of other uses outside of the wedding use case. Looking at the details screen I am a little confused as to why this app would ask for my gender since weddings tend to be pretty gender-neutral. Maybe showing different styles and asking them what they like might be a better way to understand the users. Visually you have done a great job breaking up the information while making the pages useful. The only thing I would suggest changing is the spacing on the last card. If you extended the photo and included the stars in the image I think it would be a better break of the information. Right now the reviews kind of look like they are out of place and floating. I hope these suggestions help. Thanks again for participating!
bro, i like that 2 screen...nicely done