The design was made in a way that user not only finds a place to buy tickets from but also a place where they can sell their tickets. It was done keeping in mind the interest of the fans, providing all necessary information about the concert and its sellers.

Feedback (2)
Great job! Really clean design. My only concern is that some with visual impairment might not be able to find the CTA buttons. If that could be improved, it'll provide better accessibility
Hello Bhumika, thanks for participating in this week's challenge! Looking at your solution to the problem it looks like your app would include a list of other sellers that have been verified (I am assuming because of the checkmark by their names). I think this is a great solution to the problem, but I would like the ability to learn more about how those people have been verified. I like that you have considered the fans and made a page that has an overview of the performer. I would consider new fans that want to go to a concert but don't know the performer. You could add links to their music so people can listen to their music and make sure it's something they are interested in. I do wish you would have used a primary color to call more attention to buttons. With everything being black, white, and grey nothing is calling my attention which makes flowing through the app a little more difficult. Visually I love the way you have used the image and the bottom of the screen to add information, it's visually appealing and draws me in. I would consider changing the way you have styled the "Other Sellers" section. The way the gradient fades into the background makes it look like the text isn't centered on the card. It looks like you have had an alignment error. If you made those a solid light grey that problem would go away. Lastly, I would consider adding more space between lines of text and each section of information. The middle screen looks like you have put as much information as possible so it's hard to digest, more space would make it easier to use even if it added more scrolling. I hope these suggestions help, thanks for participating!