Did you miss the concert of your most favourite star just because the tickets sold out? Dont worry! Concertify is here to offer you a second chance..! Concertify is an app where users can safely buy tickets for concerts(which are sold out in the actual market) from authorised resellers from all over the world! A list of resellers are listed for each concert from which the user can choose the best option for his budget! The prices are transparent and the user can also compare them with the original price of the tickets. The prices might be a bit higher than the original price, but its minimal compared to the fun and enjoyment the user now gets which he might have missed out earlier!

Feedback (1)
Hi Kailash, thanks for submitting! Your solution to this week's challenge is great, I am just curious how someone would become an authorized reseller. I like that this app would facilitate and come up with a list of other places I could buy tickets but I would want to know how you have validated the other sellers so I don't lose my money. Looking at each screen the flow makes a lot of sense and I understand what to do on each page. You say in your description there is a way to compare the original price vs. the reseller price but I don't see a way to do that with the given screens. Visually I enjoy the design. I think that using a colored background can often disrupt the flow and make text hard to read but you have done a great job making the colors simple and keeping the right contrast with the text. Lastly, I will say that I wouldn't know what the second icon in your navigation meant without clicking it. If this is where my tickets live, a more obvious ticket icon might help improve that. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!