This challenge was interesting! Thanks for this one. ->> On the initial screen you can choose a category or use search to know about upcoming events. The next screen displays detailed information about the festival, its photo, description and time of the event, location and users who are interested in this festival. It also displays the possibility to purchase a ticket. A dark background affects the user emotionally, it highlights other colors and they look bright compared to black. In this way, bright photos of festivals stand out here. The third screen shows verified sellers who sell the concert tickets, it shows the number of tickets left so one can call or message the seller and get the tickets and the buttons makes it more easier for the user.

Feedback (3)
we cant see the comments section, crowwwn plz updated the UI
Thanks for the feedback. These feedbacks are actually helping me learn. I can see the improvement in my designs! Coming to the design, I mentioned verified after the name of the seller to give a clear assurance to the user that the sellers are real. Also, the sellers are the organisers who are given a fixed number of tickets to sell around the city at different locations physically. This was my approach. And yes, thanks for pointing out the inconsistency in the buttons and labels. I'm working on it. Thankyou.
Hey Chanchal, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this challenge! As far as the experience goes, I think you have made a design that's clear and easy to read through. I like that you have added social proof to confirm other people are attending the festival. I wonder if you could connect that to a social account so people could see if any of their friends were going. I have two questions about the verified sellers. First, how does someone become verified? Second, are all sellers verified? If so, you can remove that tag by each name since people should trust that your app has vetted each seller. Visually you have done a great job using color with the dark mode to draw people's eyes and lead them through each screen. I would consider keeping your styles more consistent with buttons and labels. A single corner radius is typically used to show buttons vs. a toggle or filter. Great work, I hope these suggestions help. Thanks for participating!