Yana Zheltok
Hi, I'm glad to be here for my first time, and I want to introduce my first work on this platform) This is Argo - cryptocurrency wallet application concept. I've made a little research and decided to add on main screen customer profit. It means, that you can follow your buying progress and see the "first buy" value. Also, you can check your all coins and make currency transactions. You will always see actual rates and equivalent amounts in USD. I will glad to read your opinion and answer the questions) P.s. Special thanks to the creators of this platform^_^ Thanks for the opportunity to grow together and improve our design skills)

Feedback (2)
Thanks crowwwn to your review) it's really helpful to get concentrate on weaknesses and strengths. What about your questions, I showing the sum of "first bying" value on each currency. And the bottom button it's for fast bying and selling/exchange currency. Thanks for this experience, I will try to account for all the mistakes next time)
Hey Yana, welcome to Crowwwn! Thanks for signing up and participating, we are happy to have you join our community. Looking at the experience you have created I think that adding the "first buy" value next to each currency is an awesome idea. I would consider how that would scale if people bought a single currency multiple times. Would it show the last buy value or the average? I am not sure what the button at the bottom of the screen does with the arrows left and right. From your description, I assume that this allows me to see prices in different currencies but I am not sure why it has such a primary focus. Visually I think you have done an amazing job designing a fun financial app. Using multiple gradients with different colors can often cause too much noise and distract users but I think you have successfully done it in a way that adds to the overall value of the design. I would consider making some of the text larger and lighter so it's accessible for all users. Overall you have done a great job making an app that is both useful and looks great. I hope some of my feedback helps, thanks for participating!