Need a way to see your investments while buying crytocurrencies or stocks in general? Crytofolio is here to help you out! Cryptofolio is an app which allows user to view the trending cryptocurrencies and invest in them. Apart from the general facilities like stop losses an other strats which are key for day-trading, the app also allows the user to keep track of the investments by showing the current trend of the stocks which are opened by the user. (Which is really useful for long term investors).

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By the way the stack of cards was designed keeping animations in mind.. When the user clicks opens up in an animated way and the user can see more detailed statistics of his technical analysis like the batting average, risk and money management etc.,.. However I felt that would make the design more complex and is difficult to show in a single image.
Thank you crowwwn for your feedback!
Hi Kailash, thanks for participating again this week! I can tell that you either did your research before making this design or were previously familiar with trading. You have combined more complex trading concepts (such as a batting average) with the more simple standard metrics used to review a portfolio. This combination isn't a simple thing to do and I think you have done it well. The only question I have from the design is what happens when I tap on the card under the investments header. It looks like a stack of cards but I am not sure what to expect. Visually you have done a great job using white space and color to make screens that have a lot of information but don't feel overwhelming. I feel like the blue might not fit as well with the other colors you have chosen in the design but that's more of an opinion and something you might try to change. I hope my other suggestions have helped, thanks for participating.