moh arsh
CryptFolio is an app that allows cryptocurreny users to store and retrieve their digital assets. You can view your Wallet balance and the market status of each cryptocurreny in the home page. Market news and investment portfolio are also available.

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Nice one Guys, Competition is great Mann!! Loved it... Do check my entry too!!
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Super vro
Visually pleasing😍
Hi Mohamed, thanks for sharing your work! You have used color to highlight the wallet users are looking at, but at first, I thought that was just my account overview and not something I could move between. I would consider showing a bit of the information from the other wallets so people know this is just one option. I am also not sure the tabs you have to make a lot of sense. I assume those would filter down the cryptocurrencies I am looking at, but I would expect it to be a day, week, month type filter similar to the middle screen. I do like that you have added a section for news, being able to track articles and changes with specific currencies is vital to trading. Visually I like the colors you have chosen, and that you have given the design enough white space to be able to digest. I would consider using a single purple color. The "Bitcoin" tab on the left screen is a different color than the wallet background and with them being that close it looks like a mistake. I would also consider making the background slightly lighter, or adding more blue to the grey. Great work overall! I hope these suggestions help, thanks for participating!