I solved this week's challenge by researching the current fitness applications. Then wireframes were made keeping in mind about the health metrics, running tracker and sharing the same with friends.

Feedback (1)
Hey Chanchal, thank you for participating in this week's challenge. I am glad you did market research and wireframes to start your design. You have designed a solution that solves the given challenge well. I would consider what you're tracking within the app and how you would do that. If you're connecting to a watch to track data it might be helpful to show which device is connected. Also if you're going to track water intake you may have to have multiple devices connected at a single time. Thinking through those things will help you add information to your design that makes it look even more realistic. I would consider how much space you're putting between items in the same group. The "steps" count is so far below the title that it seems like they aren't connected. Visually you have done an awesome job adding enough space between elements and creating a clear hierarchy. The color contrast also looks great. I would suggest tweaking the image of the map a little to make it less yellow. If you add more blue to it or make it greyer it will match the rest of your design better. I hope these suggestions help. Thanks for participating!