moh arsh
RunnaThon is a running app for short, medium and long distance running. It gives you the accurate running data and you can even track your route using GPS. You can also set goals and can share your personal records and milestones with your friends.

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Aesthetically pleasing
Hi Mohamed, thanks for participating! Looking at your home screen I like that you have added that ability for users to pause their run. I think this allows for extra data to be tracked so I would have loved to see a stat for the number of times this user has paused during their run. I like that you have included the ability to track a monthly goal rather than just showing individual days, I think this will help increase retention of users since they have a long-term goal. Visually I have a few suggestions that might help. First, I think that pink/red are great colors to use in dark mode but you have used so much of it that I don't see a clear hierarchy. I would consider making your cards all a light grey and only using pink to highlight important stats. I would also consider the spacing you have given the content in the cards on the left screen. I would give the content more padding so there is more room for users to digest the content before their eyes navigate to the next day. Hopefully, these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!