Want to track your everyday run? Fitrack is your all-in-one solution to monitor your fitness stats. It is an app that monitors your stats, showcases all tournaments you are a part of, and allows to set daily fitness goals. Another major feature of this app is that it allows to track your daily run and also share it with your friends in various social media platforms.

Feedback (2)
@crowwwn Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!
Hey Kailash, thanks for sharing your work. I think it's a cool idea to include competitions within the app. It would allow the app to run their own running competitions which I haven't seen before. Looking at the landing page (far left screen) I would expect to be able to toggle between days. You have included that on the far right screen, but I would consider that people might not view the app every day and that comparing day-to-day might be the first thing they want to do. Visually I think you have done dark mode the way it should be done. I would consider making the screens all the same color though since the map view looks like it's a little bluer than the rest of the app. I would also consider redesigning the share button. Even though it's a really big button, I had to search through your screens to find it. The icon was getting a bit lost for me. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!