The first screen shows the current stats of the user while running like distance, avg pace, caloried burnt and the duration. The user has the option to take a break or end the run. The second screen shows the statistics of the date selected. And allows the user to share the stats with their friends.

Feedback (1)
Hey Pooja, thanks again for participating, this looks great. I like that you have added the button to allow users to take a break while they are running. I think that people would find that data useful since they could see how many breaks they have taken and then compare that to when they start running more often. What I don't see is a way to start the run manually but I expect that this would pick up the activity from a watch or something and start it for me. It is not completely clear though so it's something to consider. I would also like to see what this looks like when I share it with my friends. Would they be seeing the same dashboard I am looking at or would it be more social? I know it's hard to explain a design fully with a single image but hopefully, that will give you some ideas for continuing the design. Visually I think you have done a beautiful job making a clean, well-aligned, app. The purple stands out and directs my eye throughout the page and the use of emoji's works with the design. Great job overall, I hope my suggestion help, and thanks again for participating!