Aseela Azeez
This is the UI design for the dsgn.X - an application that helps clients to find a designer, perfect for their design needs. In the designed home page, various categories are provided based on the type of design required, of which, each leads to their respective list of designers falling under the chosen category. In there, sample works of the designers are also provided for quick filtering. Also provided sorting and shortlisting feature.

Feedback (3)
Can't stop watching at this colors! Dope!
hey @crowwwn, thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll surely try to improve as you mentioned.
Hi Aseela, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! You have done an amazing job making a beautiful and easy-to-use design. I land on the middle screen and I feel like the interface is familiar and easy to use. I quickly understand how to navigate through the app and find a designer for my project. I also really like that you have included user's skills, ratings, and examples of their work in the search results. This helps me know if each designer fits my requirements before I even click into their profile. Visually, I would consider adding a bit more padding between your text and cards. In the explore section your illustrations are pushing the text right up to the edge of the card making it feel a bit cramped. I would also add more space within the skill pills you have in the search results since those feel tight as well. I love the consistency in the illustrations and think you have done a great job using color throughout the design. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!