Hello Crowwwn! Here I tried to give the user liberty to find and hire the right designer according to the skills needed for the work. The user can search for a special skill they want from the designer directly from the search bar on the dashboard itself, or he/she can do the same by setting and applying the filters according to their needs. Thank you!

Feedback (2)
Thank you for the encouraging words and super thank you for your valuable suggestions. I'll keep them with me forever.
Hello Dev, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! You have designed an awesome experience that I know how to use right when I land on it. I like that you have included a lot of detail such as the typeahead, and the Skill button states. I would only suggest that you consider adding more of the artist's work to the design. While people want to find the right designers they also want to be able to see some of their work before they waste time digging into their profile. Visually I think you have done a great job making screens that are accessible, easy to digest, and have clear colors. While tilting the screens at an angle does look great it makes it harder to view the screens and understand what the product does. This is just something to think about when you think about who you are presenting your work to. Overall, beautiful work, I hope my suggestions help a little. Thanks for participating!